Critiques and Editing

One of the things I learned while working toward my MFA is how much I love helping new and emerging writers. I hold my B.A. In English Literature from the University of Rhode Island, and my MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. Over the past three years, it has been my pleasure to use my specialized knowledge and experience with popular fiction to help writers across all genres develop their projects and craft. I critique and edit genre fiction of any length, with a specialty in speculative fiction. I offer several services to cater to writers and projects at different stages, including:
• Critique
• Content Editing
• Line Editing
• Beta Reading

Critiques cost $1.50 per page and entail:
• In-text comments on content issues such as plot, character, pacing, genre, and story
• Identification of and suggestions for reoccurring issues involving grammar, style, clarity, and word choice. *Note: This is not as extensive as copy editing or line editing, but is meant to draw attention to problematic writing habits so the writer may identify and self-edit these issues, as well as develop better writing practices.*
• A write-up at the end of each submission highlighting the things the author does well, as well as offering detailed explanations of and suggestions for the most relevant weakness of the submission.
• For writers with ongoing monthly critiques, I am also available for email correspondence to address and clarify any questions or confusion that the critiques bring to light. I also respond to general writing questions throughout the month within reason, and typically respond to simple inquiries within 24 hours.

I recommend critique for writers with ongoing projects who are looking to develop their craft as well as their project. I do critique completed manuscripts, but writers receive the most benefit from arranging to send an agreed upon number of pages in monthly submissions. This way, the writer has the opportunity to apply feedback each month for each new submission and can track their progress in real time.

Content editing costs $3.00 a page and entails:
• In-text comments about all major story elements including plot, character, pacing, structure, theme, genre, tropes, logic, and marketability.
• In depth analysis of all story issues in the form of a write up after each chapter or section. Content editing is specific, and I always offer advice and potential solutions to problems.
• A one hour phone call or instant messenger correspondence to discuss feedback and revisions.

I offer content editing for completed manuscripts. Writers get the most out of content editing if they’ve already revised the piece at least once and are not sending in a raw draft. Content editing, if needed, should be done before any line or copy editing, as a writer who receives content editing should expect to undergo major rewrites in their next revision.

Line editing costs $2.00 per page and entails:
• Identification and rewording of problematic language at the sentence and paragraph level using track changes.
• Line editing seeks to improve POV, clarity, style, flow, and voice, and edits things like filters, word echoes, repetitive sentence constructions, ambiguous use of pronouns, inappropriate word choice, and unnecessary words.

Line editing is appropriate for pieces that have solid story and content, but need work stylistically.

Beta reading costs $0.25 per page and includes:
• An attentive read-through of the entire work with occasional in-text comments as needed. I will fix the stray typo or rogue comma, but this is NOT copy editing.
• A written review of the work discussing any potential areas for final revision as well as the strengths of the manuscript.
• The feedback received from a beta read is NOT a public review and may not be reproduced in a public forum. It is intended as private feedback for the author to make final revisions with ONLY.

Beta reading is appropriate for authors with polished pieces looking for that final bit of extra feedback or one last set of fresh eyes.

While all of my work is very thorough, no honest editor can guarantee perfection or publication as a result of their services. I can guarantee you will receive honest feedback and insights with which to revise and improve your work.

If you’re interested in hiring me, or would like more information on any of the services I offer, please use the contact form below. I am always happy to offer a ten page, no obligation, sample critique or edit to any interested writers, just inquire below.